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Should you talk to the insurance adjuster before your attorney?

After a serious motor vehicle accident, injured individuals often struggle with complex issues. From financial challenges such as mounting medical debt to practical challenges such as getting to work when the car is in the shop, individuals will likely worry every step of the way.

Unfortunately, after paying premiums for years or even decades, some individuals feel mistreated by their insurance carrier after an accident. In fact, many individuals feel they should have discussed these matters with an attorney in advance of speaking to an insurance adjuster.

Can I call you back?

It is important to remember that an insurance company is just that – a company. Like any other business, they have a bottom line and will prioritize their own profitability over any other concerns. This is not to say that insurance companies and their adjusters are evil, but it is wise to keep these factors in perspective. You are their customer, not a friend. In many situations, it is necessary to politely ask if you can call them back after you’ve had a chance to talk to your attorney. If the adjuster becomes angry or attempts to pressure you to sign the settlement immediately, it might be a red flag.

What is insurance bad faith?

You might have heard the phrase “insurance bad faith.” This refers to situations where the insurance carrier acts negligent toward your claim. They might attempt to delay, devalue or deny your claim without a good faith attempt at a thorough investigation. If they do not objectively follow the claim investigation to its natural conclusion, they can be said to have acted in bad faith toward you, their client.

It is easy to become frustrated and confused by the bevy of activity that follows a serious motor vehicle accident. Insurance claims, medical treatment, police reports – it can be difficult to keep everything straight. It is wise to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who can significantly reduce the stress you are facing.