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Three Vehicles Involved in Drunk Driving Accident in Fresno County

Janie and Nick Flocchini were killed when their Mercedes was rear-ended and forced into oncoming traffic in Fresno County on Colorado Road near Sumner. Their car was struck by a Honda driven by Silvia Gonzales, who was allegedly under the influence of marijuana and another illegal drug, according to California Highway Patrol. Flocchini’s Mercedes spun out of control and was struck by an oncoming pickup truck carrying two more victims, who were transported to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries. The Mercedes then burst into flames, killing both passengers.

Gonzales was arrested at the scene, where she seemed impaired. A search of her vehicle turned up a box of marijuana and rolling papers, said CHP.

The deadly car accident came less than 24 hours after another DUI accident where a teenage pedestrian, Dayvon Fletcher McCoy, was struck and killed instantly by Albert Isaac Fimbrez’s car. Fresno Police report that while Fimbrez was under the legal limit of .08, he was driving without a license after a previous DUI conviction.

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