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What can you do to prevent an animal from attacking you?

In recent years, stories about animals attacking humans have become increasingly devastating. Those individuals that have been lucky enough to survive their attacks have been left with debilitating injuries including severed limbs, lingering nerve damage, pain and flesh-eating infections. Most of these types of attacks are preventable.

The best thing that you can do if you ever encounter a stray animal is to remain calm. Pets can sense when you’re not comfortable around them. This can make them feel uneasy. If an animal feels that their life is in danger, then they may attack you.

It’s also important that you report its existence to the appropriate authorities. You should alert others to a stray animal’s existence so that there is a paper trail. If an owner’s pet repeatedly gets out and attacks someone, then such reports could be used to prove an owner’s liability for someone’s injuries.

You shouldn’t assume that an animal is safe to interact with simply because they look friendly. They can snap if they feel intimidated, threatened, are hurt or ill. You should approach any animal that you interact with cautiously.

If you notice that they’re displaying any signs of aggression, then you should back off. You shouldn’t run away though. This may motivate them to chase after you. You shouldn’t yell at it either. This may prompt it to attack.

If you have your kids with you, and an attack appears imminent, then you should pick them up. This may reduce the chance of them suffering such serious injuries if an attack were to occur.

Animal attacks can happen at any time. It’s easier to take evasive action when you see an animal approaching in the daylight. It may be easier for a pet to catch you off guard at night. If this happens, you could be left with catastrophic injuries.

You don’t have to assume the risk of getting hurt by a stray or aggressive animal just because you decide to take a walk in the park or your neighborhood. You can hold their owner accountable for failing to properly restrain their animal. You may also be able to sue the property owner for failing to enforce leash laws on their premises.

Californians who’ve been seriously hurt should consult with an attorney to learn what types of compensation that they’re entitled to in their Visalia case.