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What are some of the most dangerous pets people have?

When an animal bites you, it doesn’t just hurt, but it can also be deadly. Many creatures carry diseases, bacteria and venom that can actually cause you to become severely ill and die. Both domestic and exotic pets can cause you harm.


Cats tend to nip their owners and others when they don’t want to be messed with. If they’re in a particularly foul mood, their bite may puncture the skin. If it does, then your risk of developing an infection is pretty high.

One study published by Medscape shows that 80% of all cat bites cause an infection. One common illness that may result is cat scratch fever. One of the most serious ones that may come from this is Pasteurella multocida. It’s a serious bone infection that can result in pneumonia.


One exotic type of pet that some people keep are spiders like tarantulas. While they don’t have the sheer strength to overtake a human due to a difference in size, they do have the ability to maim and kill using their venom. Once released into a human’s bloodstream, it can cause breathing problems or paralysis, destroy skin cells and stop a heart.


Pet snakes can also be deadly. This is especially the case with king cobras and brown snakes.

An individual can die from a king cobra bite in as little as 30 minutes. They’ll often experience vomiting, convulsions and paralysis followed by renal and respiratory failure unless they receive an antidote right away.

Individuals are most often bitten by brown snakes because they find them outdoors and then they decide to try and handle them. This is why these bites are considered to be some of the most preventable ones. Individuals who are bitten by brown snakes often experience a sudden decrease in blood pressure. Their blood generally stops clotting and they experience cardiac arrest soon after being bitten.

Some domestic animals tend to act out and bite others when they feel unsafe or they don’t feel well. More exotic ones often do so because they’re handled by someone unfamiliar with their behaviors.

California pet owners can be held financially accountable for any injuries or property damage that their much-loved creatures cause. An animal attacks attorney can review the details of your Visalia incident to see if you have a valid legal claim.