June 22, 2019- An SUV accident ended in a triple-fatality south of Prather, on Saturday.  The Fresno County car collision took place on Highway 168, at around 10:00 AM.

Laci Wilson, of Prather, was driving a white GMC Yukon SUV, with two of her children; Reagan, 8, and Hunter, 4.  The Sport Utility Vehicle was driving on Highway 168 when for an unknown reason the driver lost control.


The Yukon veered into oncoming traffic, near Vineyard Lane, then off into an embankment.  Hitting the embankment caused the GMC to overturn onto the driver’s side.  The SUV then continued to slide on its side into the eastbound lanes of traffic, where a gray Ford F-150 truck collided with it.

Laci and Reagan Wilson died at the scene of the accident.  Hunter suffered fatal injuries and died a few days later at the hospital.

The driver of Ford pickup suffered moderate injuries.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the victims. Please call if you would like us to investigate this accident. And we can look into if there was a vehicle malfunction or roadway defects. Our firm is located in Visalia, on Caldwell Avenue. The attorneys of Nelson & Rozier. 559-713-0159 or contact us online.