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More than 1,000 dog bites happen every day in the U.S.

You know that dog bites are a risk, but you don’t think they’re very common. You’re not worried about being bitten.

That’s how a lot of people feel, but you may want to reconsider that position. The reality is that 1,000 people end up needing emergency treatment every day in this country for injuries suffered in dog attacks.

What is perhaps most telling is that those 1,000 people are just the ones who got hurt badly enough that they opted to go to the doctor’s office, hospital emergency room or other medical facility. It stands to reason that a lot of other people get bitten and suffer injuries that they treat at home. Beyond that, some people nearly avoid getting bitten. Any of these situations can be a traumatic experience.

Many people who get emergency treatment are released by the end of the day so they can go home. However, not all are so lucky. Some have to be hospitalized for more extensive care. This happens to around 9,500 people every year. That is, on average, more than two dozen people per day.

These cases are the most serious injuries. People need surgery and overnight assistance. Some of them pass away in the hospital. Others get released months later, with life-changing injuries.

So, while dog bites and attacks are not as common as car accidents and other types of injuries, it’s clear that they’re a serious problem that you must be aware of. If you suffer an injury you also need to know what legal options you have for seeking compensation for expenses and damages.