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Establishing fault after a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents can have the potential to be very serious. Riders of motorcycles have much less protection in the event of an impact, even when they are wearing a helmet.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may believe that the car involved was to blame for causing the collision. Even if you believe this is the case, this alone is not enough. You must make sure there is sufficient evidence to show that the car driver was negligent.

Will the car driver be at fault if they made a left turn?

In the vast majority of cases, cars that made a left turn immediately before the collision will be assumed to be at fault. This is because they had the responsibility to decide when to turn. The only exception to this would be in a situation where the motorcycle driver was driving above the speed limit or jumped a red light.

I believe that the driver was distracted. How can I prove this?

You may have seen that the driver was talking, leaning backward or using their phone before the collision. This can be difficult to prove; however, witnesses at the scene may be able to verify this. In addition, it may be possible to track the activity of the phone, and therefore, prove that the phone was being used directly before the collision.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in California, it is important that you understand the way that the law works. By doing so, you will be more empowered to take action.

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