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Dogs often show signs that they’re about to attack

Many Visalia residents head out for a run early in the morning as a way to get their day started. Others simply gather up the family and go for a walk later in the day so everyone can get fresh air and wind down for the evening. If you do one of these activities, then it’s likely that you’ve had a dog run up to you before. You may have been concerned that it might attack. Had you been able to read their body language, you may have better understood their intentions.

Dogs generally attack someone because they feel threatened or afraid, are anxious or sick. They often show signs of aggression before they attack. If you look closely at their body language, then you can generally tell how they’re feeling and whether you’re vulnerable to being attacked.

If a dog that you come in contact with looks away in an attempt to avoid making eye contact, puts their tail in between their legs, lowers their head or constantly licks their lips, then they may feel anxious or scared. If they flatten their ears, crouch down or roll over so that you can access their stomach, then they may be trying to make themselves look smaller out of fear.

A dog who does this shouldn’t be riled up. It’s unwise for you to attempt to stop them from walking away as well. If you do, then they may consider you to be a threat. If they feel as if they have no way to get away from you, then they may snarl, growl or bite.

If you come upon a dog with their tail or hair standing up, a stiff stance, ears that are upright and pointed forward or a fixed gaze, then they may be aggressive. If they’re barking, growling and attempting to lunge at you or show their teeth, then they may see you as a threat and be attempting to intimidate you. If you walk toward them, they may attack.

Although many people view a crouching dog or one who wags their tail as safe, it’s possible for dogs to display what many would consider as approachable behaviors when they really feel anxious or aggressive. When a bite occurs, an attorney experienced with animal attacks knows how to act quickly to preserve crucial evidence in your case.