When we go out for a fun evening of entertainment, we don’t think about the possibility that something will go wrong — that a fire might break out at a dance venue or that a stage light could fall and hit members of the crowd. Nor should they have to fear for their safety from modern incidents of violence.

The bottom line is this: Every entertainment venue needs to prepare for all possible scenarios, big and small, to keep its customers safe. Here are five things theaters, concert halls, hotels and resorts should be doing to ensure patrons are as safe as possible.

  1. Hire a company to perform a risk assessment. The company should review on-site emergency procedures, evaluate staff training for emergencies, examine the setup and monitoring of security cameras, point out potential hazards, review public access to the facility, make sure fire exits are marked, identify points of entrance to be secured and review where emergency vehicles will park.
  2. Recognize that larger events bring higher risks. It is important that venues not scrimp on security and other preparations in big events. If big-name talent, other celebrities or dignitaries will be in the building, paying for extra security is vital.
  3. Review what other similar venues have done for similar events. Metal detectors? Bag searches? Frisking? All of these are possible steps you can take.
  4. Bring in enough police or security officers to monitor the expected crowd. If a huge crowd is anticipated, an ambulance should be on hand and the fire department filled in about all plans.
  5. See to it that all event staff is properly trained. They need to be aware of crowd management, how to spot anything that looks suspicious and just when to contact emergency personnel.

If you are injured in any way at an entertainment venue, an attorney who works with premises liability cases can review the details with you and assess whether you can seek compensation for your injuries. You should not suffer from the negligence of promoters or property owners.