California has seen an uptick in dog bites throughout the state, as well as rising homeowner insurance premiums due to animal attacks. Dogs going against people is a rare occurrence even in public where most attacks happen, but it is the worst of surprises when dogs invade a person’s property before a bite occurs.

A Riverside County woman is on life support after three dogs reportedly set upon her while she was hanging laundry in her own backyard. The county’s animal services department described the animals as pit bulls or pit bull mixes, a type of dog breed that often requires intense training to remain safe around strange people.

The dog’s owner did not apparently encourage the attack, although the person violated a law requiring dogs to be kept on leashes at the time and in the place of the attack. An examination of the area of the woman’s house did not turn up any stray dogs. The suspected animals are being held at a local shelter while a decision is made on their fate.

“This is another preventable attack on an innocent person and one we find very upsetting,” according to the county’s animal services director. “It’s imperative that owners of these types of dogs do everything in their power to prevent such horrific attacks.”

Victims of animal attacks have the right to seek financial damages if an owner or caretaker is at fault for the animal’s behavior. An attorney can help victims and their families sort out their options if a tragic attack has resulted in serious injury.