Some people really love Halloween. You know who they are because they’ve got their houses decorated by Sept. 1 in all the holiday’s gory glory. They may even have their own version of a haunted house, and they will definitely throw a party.

If that sounds like you and your family, you want to make sure that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your decorations are safe, your Halloween party goes off without a hitch and no one gets injured or ill. You may find the below Halloween party safety tips to be helpful:

Keep kids and carving knives apart

If your party involves carving jack-o’-lanterns, make sure that an adult is wielding the knife. Kids can still design and decorate their pumpkins by using a Sharpie to draw the face or, alternatively, to paint them.

Don’t let kids near the dry ice

It wouldn’t be a Halloween party without dry ice making those cauldrons boil. But dry ice can be dangerous. Not only can it cause serious skin burns (frostbite), it lowers the oxygen level in the room when used indoors. Make sure a responsible adult is in charge of this Halloween special effect.

Provide nonalcoholic drink options

Adult soirees typically include alcoholic beverages, but make sure that you also have nonalcohol alternatives on hand to offer guests. If you see someone overindulging, switch them to the nonalcoholic version of their favorite drink. Don’t let inebriated guests drive home.

Prevent food poisoning

Reduce the likelihood of foodborne illnesses by keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Ask if anyone has allergies to your ingredients.

Decorate safely

You don’t want little witches or drunken devils tripping over the electrical wires lighting up your Halloween display. Make sure there is a clear path with no tripping hazards.

If you get hurt at a Halloween party, you may need to file a claim with the homeowner’s insurance company.