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Driving behaviors that turn highways into high-risk areas

How many licensed California drivers live in your household? Each time one of them gets behind the wheel, they may be at risk for collision if there's a distracted driver nearby. There is always an inherent risk involved with any type of travel. There are certain circumstances, however, that greatly increase the possibility of you getting into an accident and suffering injury.

Distracted driving is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every year. Just as every driver in your home is under obligation to adhere to traffic and safety regulations, so is every other motorist on the road. The only person whose behavior you can guarantee is your own. You have no way of knowing when another driver is dealing with a distraction, although there may be visible signs in the way someone is driving.

Avoiding these behaviors helps improve safety

How often do you listen to music while you drive? Whether you use your car radio or a Bluetooth speaker and a cell phone, if you are the one adjusting knobs or scrolling through playlists and you also happen to be the driver at the time, you may never reach your destination safely. In addition to adjusting radio knobs, the following list includes other dangerous driving distractions:

  • Losing oneself in thought is one of the most accident-causing distractions in existence. Can you tell if another driver is daydreaming though? It is doubtful.
  • Another high-risk behavior when driving is eating or drinking at the wheel. If a driver spills hot coffee or drops a burger in his or her lap, a momentary focus-change from the road to the issue at hand is enough to cause a collision.
  • If you're driving but interacting with passengers in your vehicle at the same time, you may easily become distracted.
  • The best time for personal grooming is definitely not while you're driving.

These are some of the most common types of distracted driving that often lead to accidents and serious injuries, including many that are fatal. Driving takes constant awareness, alertness and focus, and looking away or thinking about last night's argument with your spouse can cause you to take your mind off the road.

When you're cautious but another driver isn't

You obey California driving laws. That's good because it does improve your safety. However, if a distracted driver hits you, your otherwise uneventful trip to the grocery store or to work may wind up being a trip to the hospital in the back of an ambulance. Your bodily injuries may not be the only type of suffering you endure, which is why the law allows you to seek economic recovery for damages a distracted driver has caused.

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