Industry leaders estimate that nearly one in 10 accidents on the roads of the United States involve a commercial vehicle. Although truck crashes dipped significantly around the beginning of the 21st century, including in California, recent years have seen a disturbing rise in both the number of truck crashes and truck crash fatalities.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) released findings that help reveal the leading causes of commercial vehicle accidents. Several of these factors are entirely within the control of drivers and their employers, such as driver fatigue and mechanical problems with the vehicle, but others suggest some things other drivers can do to keep themselves safe around trucks.

Trucks may cause an accident by hitting a stopped vehicle from the rear, which can cause serious injury or permanent disability to an occupant of that vehicle. It is always advisable to pull off the road completely for stops and to keep an eye on nearby trucks, especially those that approach at a high rate of speed.

Poor road conditions can cause truckers and other drivers to lose control more easily, causing collisions and injuries. Keep extra distances from trucks on bad roads or in poor weather that may compromise the safety of the road surface, as well as visibility.

People injured in truck accidents or the survivors of truck crash fatalities may sue the responsible parties for financial damages to help them recover. An attorney may help these plaintiffs prepare a case in civil court for settlement, negotiation or a jury verdict leading to awards.

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