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California military unit has a motorcycle safety refresher

Spring is here, and motorcycle season is in full swing. California is one of the most popular destinations for bikers, clubs and other motorcycle enthusiasts, thanks to the perfect weather and many scenic roads from desert to dunes.

The Golden State is also home to a large number of U.S. Air Force installations, and motorcycles are popular among airmen and officers alike. One of the Air Force units in the state holds an annual briefing on the best practices for riding to prepare its people to remain safe on the road.

The Air Force’s officers and enlisted service members suffered 50 motorcycle accidents when the driver lost control of the bike over the course of 2017. The safety manager of the Air Force unit recommended taking extra time to modify bikes to the specific rider, combined with extra preparation before each ride.

“After you prepare your motorcycle, prepare you mind,” the safety manager recommended. “Every time you get on your motorcycle, give yourself five minutes to climatize.”

A motorcycle officer with the California Highway Patrol reminded bikers in the briefing that other drivers often do not see motorcycles. He recommended against lane splitting or hanging out in drivers’ blind spots to avoid collisions. As always, helmets and other protective gear is required or highly recommended.

Victims of motorcycle accidents with an at-fault driver may have a case for financial damages, including reimbursement for medical expenses and compensation for pain, emotional suffering and other related costs. An attorney may help victims and their families figure out the best way forward to either jury-awarded payments or mediated settlements.

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