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Sidewalk slip and fall adds to city’s liability

Businesses, organizations and governments owe it to their customers and citizens to keep their public areas as safe as possible. Accidents may always happen, but the managers and maintainers of surfaces and spaces can take reasonable steps to avoid them.

Los Angeles is not known as a pedestrian paradise, but thousands of miles of sidewalk in the city serve locals and visitors alike. The government has been compelled to pay out significant sums over the poor condition of many thoroughfares, and a new claim over a slip-and-fall accident may increase these numbers.

A woman being carried over a sidewalk in Hollywood experienced a serious fall when the man carrying her tripped on uneven sidewalk surfaces. The woman hit her head, leading to injuries serious enough to prevent her regular work and costing her valuable income.

Sidewalks can be warped by tree roots, corroded by weather and worn by wear. The plaintiffs in the suit claim the sidewalk in question was poorly lit, jagged and “strewn with leaves.” Her suit originally claimed more than $10 million in damages, and the city reports considering a $3 million payout to settle the case.

The City of Angels’ mayor is considering a $1.4 billion plan to improve sidewalks after liability payments to sidewalk injury victims reached a high of $19 million in 2017. This total was four times higher than any other year in the last decade.

Victims of slip-and-fall injuries may have a case for financial damages if the responsible parties have been negligent in their maintenance. An attorney may raise the chances of a premises liability lawsuit coming to a satisfactory conclusion.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “LA City Council Committee Considers $3 Million Payout Over Sidewalk Slip,” March 19, 2018