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Multi-truck accident closes highway in Kern County

California is home to some of the most attentive drivers in the country. Anyone who has spent time on the roads and freeways of the state knows how much focus it takes to negotiate some of the other millions of motorists and get where he or she is going safely.

Distracted driving can be a common problem as well, especially among truck drivers who may cause the most damage with a collision or other traffic accident. This is why laws in the Golden State restrict the use of cellphones and other devices while trucks are in motion.

A recent accident involving three tractor-trailers led to serious injuries and the death of a dog. The incident happened on Highway 46 near Shandon in Kern County just before dawn, when a westbound truck sideswiped an eastbound vehicle and continued in the wrong lane for a distance.

California Highway Patrol officers reported the truck then returned to the proper lane and crashed into the rear of another truck, with the two rigs eventually blocking the entire westbound section of the road. One of the trucks then hit a sport utility vehicle head-on, seriously injuring the driver and passenger of the motor vehicle, while one of three dogs inside died of its injuries.

Victims of truck collisions and the survivors of truck accident fatalities have the right to seek financial damages, including reimbursement of medical expenses and compensation for pain and emotional distress. An attorney can help accident victims and their families forward a case to settlement, jury verdict or other positive conclusion.

Source: The Tribune News, “2 people seriously injured, dog killed in crash of 3 big rigs, SUV on Hwy. 46,” Gabby Ferreira, March 05, 2018