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Motorcyclist killed in possible DUI accident

California hosts a large number of America’s motorcyclists, who use the vehicles to enjoy the countryside, avoid traffic or just get around. Although there are many advantages on a motorcycle, there are also many safety concerns because bikers are more vulnerable to injury or death in the case of a collision.

Drivers must take proper precautions to keep motorcyclists safe on the roads, including looking twice for the vehicles that are harder to see and avoiding maneuvers that could endanger nearby bikers. One of the greatest threats to drivers of all kinds is someone drunk or under the influence of drugs behind the wheel.

A recent accident that claimed the life of a Hawthorne man is being investigated for driving under the influence. The 58-year-old motorcyclist was run down in a head-on collision with a pickup truck that appears to have been heading north in the southbound lanes of the 405 freeway.

Torrance firefighters and the California Highway Patrol responded to the accident at 3 a.m., on a recent Sunday, when the crash spread debris across more than 200 yards of roadway. The 22-year-old San Diego man driving the pickup truck was arrested during treatment for minor injuries as police investigate the circumstances of the fatal accident.

Motorcyclists injured or killed in accidents have the right to seek damages from the parties at fault for a crash. Victims and their survivors may wish to consult with an attorney who can help them gather evidence, work with investigators and begin a lawsuit that would help them become whole after a tragic accident.

Source: KTLA, “Suspected DUI Driver Arrested After Motorcyclist Killed in Wrong-Way Crash on 405 Freeway in Torrance,” Erika Martin and Dave Mecham, Feb. 04, 2018