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Man killed in rare California truck accident

Traffic collisions are rare, but they are always unexpected and dangerous to those involved. Minor car collisions occur more frequently, but the involvement of trucks and other heavy vehicles compounds the chances of a serious injury or death.

A truck accident cost a man his life in an unlikely incident that shut down an onramp to Highway 70 in Yuba County recently. The victim was outside his disabled vehicle on the side of the on-ramp when a truck transporting gravel tipped over and crushed him with the cargo and part of the vehicle.

The man died on the scene, while the 54-year-old driver of the gravel truck was transported to a nearby hospital with moderate injuries. The California Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash, and officers stated that the truck driver took the turn too fast on the onramp, which resulted in the spill.

There was no initial evidence of drugs or alcohol, and charges are pending the end of the investigation. Even if criminal charges are not filed against the party at fault for a collision, the victim of a truck accident or the survivors of those killed in one has the right to sue for personal injury or wrongful death.

An attorney can help victims of truck accidents and their families use their legal options to sue for medical expenses, end-of-life costs, lost wages during recovery and compensation for pain and emotional distress. No one should have to deal with the ramifications of a truck accident alone.

Source: FOX 40, “Man Crushed to Death when Gravel Truck Tips Over,” Feb. 12, 2018