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Girl attacked by off-leash pit bull in California park

There are millions of domesticated pets in California, and the vast majority of them are emotionally supportive companions. It is rare that a dog or other powerful animal attacks a person or other animal, but the results can be serious if an attack happens.

This is why the law in the Golden State requires dog owners or walkers to properly restrain their animals. A 5-year-old girl is recovering in a Bay Area hospital after she was attacked by a pit bull left off the leash. The attack happened on a park trail and was reported to a local firefighter.

California Highway Patrol dispatched a helicopter to find the victim in the park and dispatch firefighters to find her. An officer on the helicopter crew began medical care until an ambulance arrived.

Local animal services are investigating the incident along with staff of the regional parks district. The owner or caretaker of the dog may be liable for misdemeanor criminal charges as well as civil penalties.

People attacked by dogs and other pets or domesticated animals may have a case for financial damages. This may include reimbursement for medical expenses as well as compensation for pain or emotional distress. Damages are especially important if an injury is likely to need further care after the initial suit.

Legal representation may help the victims of dig bites and other animal attacks assemble their claims and lead them to settlements or court verdicts. A lawyer can be a powerful ally in establishing liability and pursuing positive results with an animal attack case involving serious injury.

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