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Visalia car accident causes propane leak

Traffic safety will never be perfect, especially in such an active state as California. But drivers have a responsibility to be as careful as possible to avoid collisions and other dangerous accidents. These can result in grave injury or permanent disability as well as vehicle damage.

A serious accident on State Highway 198 in Visalia closed several roads and endangered the health and safety of nearby drivers. A California Highway Patrol officer first reported that it may have been caused by excessive speed or reckless driving.

The driver of a sedan lost control of his car while westbound on the highway and crashed into a tanker, which landed on its side near the Ben Maddox Way Bridge. The trailer was loaded with 2,400 gallons of propane, and several local fire departments assisted Visalia Fire Department in containing the leak.

“[The car driver] came too fast and lost on the curve,” according to a responding California Highway Patrol officer. “He was going too fast for the road conditions.” An investigation into the accident is pending the final cleanup of the accident scene.

Speeding, especially on slippery roads, can be very dangerous to drivers and those around them. Excessive speed joins distracted driving and DUI as one of the leading causes of hurtful and fatal accidents.

Victims of car accidents in which another driver was at fault have the right to seek financial restitution for medical expenses and other related costs. A lawyer may help build a case for personal injury or wrongful death, as well as seek settlements or pursue other court actions.

Source: Visalia Times-Delta, “Propane tanker overturns, wreaks havoc on Hwy. 198,” Luis Hernandez and Danielle A Martin, Jan. 20, 2018