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2 injured in tractor-trailer accident on I-10

The size and strength of California’s burgeoning economy depends on transportation. Although ships and trains handle a large share of the state’s needs for goods and foodstuffs, tractor trailers and other heavy trucks take the lion’s share of products to the consumers who need them.

Truck drivers must be trained and qualified to be on the roads with vehicles that can be dangerous and cause damage, injury or death in collision and other traffic accidents. Distraction from the highway even for a moment can cause a tragic crash.

Emergency services were called to the scene of what California Highway Patrol officers described as a major crash on Interstate 10 in the area of San Gorgonio Pass near Cabazon in Riverside County. A tractor trailer heading westbound collided with at least one car, which ended up pinned under the rear section of the truck.

Two people were extricated from the vehicle under the semi’s trailer and evacuated by ambulance with major injuries. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash while the victims recover.

The accident occurred just after midnight in an area with low visibility. This and other factors, such as poor weather creating slippery road surfaces, can make crashes more likely.

Victims of tractor-trailer collisions and the survivors of those killed in these collisions may be eligible for financial restitution, including the cost of medical procedures and wages or other benefits lost due to injury and death. An attorney may help these victims sort out their options for settlements, civil actions and bringing those at fault to court.

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