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Watch out for daydreamers when you drive in California!

You can probably say a lot of nice things about living in California. You may also be one of many who grow frustrated in the traffic jams and busy roadway situations that are also typical aspects of the average lifestyle in this state. You may have little tricks that help you get where you’re going on time, such as leaving before or after rush hours, taking back roads when possible or traveling by foot or bicycle from time to time.

In addition to saving time, you may also concern yourself with protecting your own safety and that of your family. It’s no secret that roadways nowadays often contain distracted drivers. In fact, it’s likely too safe to assume that you are rarely on the road without there being a distracted driver somewhere close by. Knowing how to recognize potential danger may help you avoid injury.

Beware of smokers and daydreamers!

Do you know that more than 60 percent of motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury or death are a result of drivers whose thoughts were drifting from the task at hand at the time? The following list provides information regarding distracted driving hazards and also where to seek help should you suffer injury in a collision:

  • California law prohibits you (and all drivers) from writing, reading or sending text messages while driving. Using cell phones behind the wheel is a major cause of collisions resulting in injury throughout the nation.
  • Do you sometimes nibble a burger or sip a soda while driving? If so, you may want to rethink your driving habits. Eating and drinking while driving often leads to collision.
  • Are you a smoker? Studies show that this particular habit places your health at risk; however, if you smoke while driving, you’re also at risk for injury. Reaching for a lighter, snuffing out a cigarette in an ashtray or other issues that are smoking-related are major safety risks for motorists and their passengers.
  • It’s often nice to travel with others so long as you don’t become so focused on interacting with your passengers that you take your eyes off the road or mind off the task at hand, which can place you and your vehicle occupants in harm’s way.

What do you do if you notice a possible distracted driver near you on a busy California highway? If you can safely distance yourself from the vehicle in question, it’s best to do so. If you or someone in your car can alert police of a potential problem, that may also be a good idea. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to avoid collision, even if you see it coming. As you recover from your injuries, the financial ramifications of your situation may be concerning.

Many California accident victims seek legal accountability against the distracted drivers deemed responsible for their collisions. When the court awards compensation, this may offset expenses associated with a distracted driving accident.