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Truck accident victim’s family struggling to recover

A motor vehicle accident is always a bad surprise; no one can predict them, short of taking the normal precautions for safe driving. Millions of drivers on the roads and highways of California get to work and other destinations safely each day, but occasional accidents can happen — and can cost people their lives.

A man who lived, worked and raised his six children in the San Diego area died recently on the streets of the city. He was riding his motorcycle on Harbor Drive and made a left turn when a tractor-trailer struck him, and he was pronounced dead shortly after the collision.

The accident is still under investigation by local police and specialists from the California Highway Patrol, but the consequences are already being felt. The victim’s wife of 16 years named him as the family’s sole breadwinner, and his children are now struggling to get by.

“Knowing after all of this has passed, I still have to worry about them,” his wife said. “What am I going to do? What am I going to do without him?” The family turned to the internet to raise funds, and the president of the victim’s employer donated $1,000 to the cause.

Community benevolence is often not enough to help the families of truck accident victims move on with life, and civil suits may be the only remaining option to be made financially whole. An attorney may help victims’ families find the right legal path forward to claiming damages and other compensation.

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