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Possible hit-and-run accident kills 1 and injures another

Motor vehicle collisions are rare, and many are ineffectual problems like fender benders or paint scratches. Even in these minor cases, it is important to be a responsible driver and go through the procedures of dealing with any damage.

Many collisions involve only damage to vehicles or other involved property, and these can be handled at the moment with a simple exchange of information between drivers. Even when the police are not necessary at the scene of an accident, a driver may never legally leave without addressing the problem.

Hit-and-run accidents always carry heavier penalties than the same accident if drivers wait for resolution. Two people in the custody by Torrance police in southern California may be discovering this fact soon.

One person is dead and another was gravely injured in a five-car crash at the intersection of two popular boulevards in the Los Angeles suburb. Although the cause of the wreck is under investigation as the roads were shut down, police say they consider it to be a hit-and-run collision.

If they are charged, the drivers who allegedly abandoned the scene of the accident may face charges of vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. This may extend any suspension of driving privileges, fines or jail time stemming from possible convictions.

Victims of all types of at-fault motor vehicle accidents deserve consideration for financial damages, reimbursement for medical expenses and other forms of restitution. An attorney may be a good representative for victims as they seek justice for damages.

Source: KABC 7 Los Angeles, “1 killed, another injured in violent 5-car hit-and-run crash in Torrance,” Nov. 14, 2017