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Driver killed in truck collision in Santa Clarita

It is difficult to imagine a country without trucks. Semis and other heavy vehicles bring everything from produce to construction materials from ports and train depots to anywhere in California or elsewhere in the United States, so the regional and national economies depend on trucks as its circulatory system.

Considering the speeds at which trucks move tons of goods and materials, it is almost surprising that collisions and other accidents are not more common on the highways of the Golden State. Everyone’s safety depends on drivers working together to keep the roads clear of problems, but occasionally, an accident can cause damage, injury or even death.

A driver was killed and at least one other person was injured in a chain reaction collision that involved a truck, trailer, car and city bus in Santa Clarita recently. The dusk-hour accident began with a truck failing to stop in time to avoid hitting a car, which was then pushed into the back of a bus.

The driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene, and at least one passenger on the bus was injured. The busy intersection where the collision occurred was closed while the accident was investigated by law enforcement officers and forensic experts.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents caused by trucks may have a case in civil court for compensation of medical expenses as well as damages for pain, lost wages and other expenses related to the accident. A personal injury attorney may be a helpful representative to those going through this difficult process.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “Woman Dies in Chain-Reaction Crash With Truck in Santa Clarita,” Nov. 04, 2017