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California motorcycle driver killed on I-5

California hosts a large share of the nation’s roads, as well as every type and length of highway. With every type of motor vehicle from tractor trailer to all-terrain vehicle on the roads, one of the groups at highest risk is drivers and passengers of motorcycles.

The Golden State has the highest number of motorcycle-related fatalities around the country, especially in highway collisions and other accidents on limited-access roads. Lane changes and sudden traffic speed changes are among the leading risk factors for motorcycle collisions.

A recent accident just before dawn on a Thursday claimed a motorcycle driver’s life when his bike struck a vehicle that had slowed suddenly in front of him. The collision caused fatal injuries and the biker was pronounced dead at the scene.

The California Highway Patrol reported that the accident is under investigation, and no other serious injuries resulted from the collision. The 61-year-old victim was a resident of Bakersfield.

Responders from the Los Angeles County Fire Department and Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene, and the southbound half of Interstate 5 was closed for hours. No charges have been filed, and no suspicion of drug or alcohol involvement has been expressed.

Victims of motorcycle accidents in which a car or truck driver was at fault — or the survivors of those fatally injured — have rights to pursue financial damages and compensation for related expenses. Legal counsel is often a good recommendation to those trying to establish the their legal options to pursue settlements or court action.

Source: The Signal, “Motorcyclist struck and killed on I-5 Thursday morning,” Jim Holt, Oct. 05, 2017