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3 killed in California freeway crash

California is a state on the move. A diverse, bustling economy with one of the most comprehensive road systems in the world leads to a state that relies on cars, trucks and other motor vehicles more than most places in the country or world.

Several hazards threaten the peace and safety of the Golden State’s roads, from winding mountain passes to limited-access highways such as freeways and interstates. High speeds, distracted driving and cellphone use can contribute to collisions that can damage property, cause serious injury or even kill the occupants of cars.

A recent three-car accident claimed the lives of all three occupants of one car after it burst into flames on a freeway. The car had just been struck, along with another vehicle, by the 26-year-old driver of a speeding car who was driving alone in the carpool lane of the highway.

The other three people involved in the accident were transported to hospitals for the treatment of minor injuries. The 29-year-old driver of a sports car sped past the scene as law enforcement officers were investigating, only to be arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Alcohol, drugs and speeding are often elements of dangerous accidents. Drivers must take extra care when drivers are acting erratically or posing a danger to cars around them.

Victims and families of victims of motor vehicle accidents may be eligible for reimbursement of medical expenses or compensation for lost wages, funeral expenses and related costs during recovery. Legal representation is often a key element of a successful settlement or court action against a reckless driver.

Source: Whittier Daily News, “Car accident leaves 3 dead on 605 Freeway in Pico Rivera,” Christopher Yee, Sep. 27, 2017