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Drugs and alcohol factored into California motorcycle fatality

Millions of cars, trucks and motorcycles take to California’s roads on a daily basis, and a spirit of driver cooperation — in accordance with safety laws — helps keep these roads safe.

Although inattentive and reckless driving can lead to problems, drug and alcohol abuse is one of the main reasons that something goes wrong. Driving under the influence can easily claim a life on the road.

Motorcycle accidents, even minor ones, can lead to property damage, injuries, broken bones, permanent disability and even fatalities. The lack of protection on bikes make them especially dangerous to their drivers and passengers.

A motorcyclist lost his life in Bakersfield after a Saturday evening accident involving a passenger car driven by an allegedly incapacitated driver. The car first collided with a concrete center median, pushing the vehicle into the path of the oncoming bike.

The high-speed crashew the motorcycle driver off the bike. He was transported to Kern Medical Center, where he lost his battle for life. The driver and passenger of the car fled on foot and were later apprehended by law enforcement officers.

The California Highway Patrol reported that drugs and alcohol appear to be factors in the accident. Charges against the occupants of the car are pending as the relatives of the motorcyclist make funeral preparations.

Victims of motorcycle crashes and their families are eligible for compensation for medical expenses, reimbursement for lost wages or end-of-life expenses or damages for pain and suffering that resulted from an accident. Legal representation is useful in helping families assess their options for recovery.

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