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Driver killed in California truck crash

The strength and progress of California’s economy depends on transportation, which floods the state’s roads with perhaps the most diverse assortment of vehicles in the country. The safe conduct of these vehicles, their drivers, passengers and cargo depends on good infrastructure and attentive driving.

Distracted driving, especially near road hazards, can have very negative consequences. Accidents involving trucks, even at low speeds, can cause property damage, injuries, permanent disabilities or even death.

A recent early-morning accident involving two semitrucks and a car claimed the life of one of the truck drivers on an interstate highway near Castro Valley. The car initially collided with the front of a tractor-trailer, which came to a stop in the right lane.

The truck had been stopped with its hazard lights on for three to five minutes when another truck failed to stop in time to avoid striking its rear. The collision killed the second driver and sent the other involved drivers to the hospital.

The interstate highway was closed in the westbound direction for four hours after the accident. A nearby detour was shut down after another semitruck struck a tree, downing a branch on the road.

Victims of truck accidents and their families may be eligible for reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages or end-of-life expenses. Settlements and court actions can extend to compensation for pain and suffering or other related costs.

Legal representation can assist with options involving distracted drivers, employers or other parties involved that may be at fault in a harmful collision.

Source: SFGate, “All lanes of I-580 reopen hours after fatal Castro Valley crash,” Jenna Lyons, Sep. 14, 2017