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Woman loses finger in California dog attack

Dogs are a “human’s best friend,” and they give love and protection to millions of Americans who can care properly for them. The natural state of a dog, especially one at high risk for behavioral problems, is never far below the surface, and California law seeks to mitigate the damage and injuries caused by an unexpected animal attack on humans or their property.

Fremont police recently responded to a report that a pit bull dog had attacked a pair of women in a city park. The witness reported the dog was “chewing them up” during a 911 call, and the responding officer was forced to shoot the 80-pound animal to prevent the attack from continuing.

One woman, the dog’s owner, and her friend were trying to control the dog as it turned extremely violent, according to the Fremont Police. Both were bloodied before the attack ended, and one woman lost a finger before police shot the animal after a failed attempt to capture it.

“The officer couldn’t control it,” said a Fremont Police spokeswoman. “He had to act quickly.”

If an animal owned and cared for by a person attacks another person in California, the owner may be liable for financial damages to reimburse the victim for medical expenses, lost work product and suffering. This applies whether or not the animal has a previous history of aggressive behavior, and whether or not the owner was present during the attack.

Dog owners must be vigilant to prevent personal injury from an animal attack, and consider the options for care if an animal has a history of or disposition towards destructive violence.

Source: CBS San Francisco Bay Area, “Officer Shoots Dog, Woman Loses Finger in Fremont Pit Bull Attack,” Aug. 01, 2017