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Visalia truck accident pushes costs onto homeowner

Drivers have a responsibility to be careful and vigilant, maintaining a safe environment on the road for all Californians. If a crash occurs, there is never an advantage in leaving the scene of an accident — even if there were no injuries and even if it happened off the road.

A 91-year-old Visalia man is discovering that fact in the strange case of property destruction that recently occurred at his home. Police say he was at work while a woman drove a white pickup truck through his fence before landing in his swimming pool. The driver then went for a swim and ran away.

Fortunately, the lack of injuries allowed the resident to laugh at the bizarre case. The consequences have a cost, however, with the removal of the truck by crane and replacement of the fence. Those repairs and more are costing him thousands, and he remains concerned about chemicals from inside the truck’s engine in the water and on the ground.

The driver, meanwhile, remains at large. Visalia police are seeking information about the accident and the driver, who faces hit-and-run charges as well as other possible allegations. “She should have stayed there,” the homeowner said.

People who have suffered injury or damage from a careless or inattentive driver may be eligible for reimbursement for medical expenses or property repair, as well as additional court-awarded fees or judgments. The actions of a reckless driver may be rectified by legal action, making victims of collisions as whole as possible.

Source: KMPH, “Visalia homeowner stuck with bill after truck lands in pool,” Aug. 04, 2017