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Automobile Crash at Avenue 400 and Road 84, South of Dinuba

Tulare County Personal Injury Lawyer John Rozier has the following accident report; On Friday, August 18, 2017, an automobile crash occurred south of Dinuba.  The car collision happened on Highway 201, at approximately 4:35 AM.

According to the CHP, a white Nissan Altima and a dark-colored Nissan were involved in the accident.  The incident took place at the intersection of State Route 201/Avenue 400 and Road 84.


Upon collision, the dark Nissan lost control and ended up partially submerged in a nearby canal.

Injuries were reported.  The seriousness of the injuries is unknown.

Much more investigation is required. The scene of the accident should be independently inspected as soon as possible. Please call Mr. Rozier today so we can help. 559-713-0159, or contact on the internet.