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8-year-old dog bite victim was not the first attacked

Domestic animals of all types populate California homes, and the vast majority are well-trained and well-behaved, outside the occasional broken glass or scratched chair thanks to a furry friend. Animals still default to their wild instincts on occasion, however, and several more dangerous animals require extra care by owners and citizens alike to avoid injury and suffering due to bites and other animal attacks.

An 8-year-old boy was hospitalized recently after a pit bull bit him in the face while he was visiting his friend’s father’s house in a southern California community. He was treated for injuries to the eyes and mouth in the second incident involving the same dog in a month.

A spokesman for the Riverside County Department of Animal Services reported that the animal was “potentially dangerous” after a similar attack last month on a neighbor visiting the property. The man was treated for puncture wounds to his right arm and hand.

The animal services department’s designation meant that the dog should have been restrained by a harness and could not be off-leash away from the property. A sign should have been posted on the property as a public warning. The owner of the dog, the father of the victim’s friend, declined to comment.

The dog has been taken into custody and has been scheduled with the owner’s permission to be euthanized for the community’s protection. The unfortunate incident comes too late, however, to prevent two injuries with continuing pain and suffering.

Californians injured by owned animals have rights protected by law for their safety and recovery. Animal owners are liable for compensation for medical expenses and other costs related with injury recovery.

Source: Press Enterprise, “Pit bull attacks, severely injures 8-year-old boy in Home Gardens,” Brian Rokos and Alex Groves, July 21, 2017