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Don’t drive when you’re mad

You hear people talk about it all the time: Going for a drive to clear their head. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself after a fight with a significant other or the delivery of bad news. You were angry and you just wanted some time to yourself behind the wheel.

Avoid this temptation. Experts warn that driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do when you’re mad.

The problem is that studies have found that drivers who are angry are more likely to take risks. They’re not thinking rationally. They are “primed for attack,” as one doctor put it. Mentally and emotionally, they’re ready to make dangerous decisions.

That’s not the mindset that you want behind the wheel. It makes a car accident all the more likely.

Plus, some experts have noted that it can give you tunnel vision. Instead of looking in the mirrors and watching the side streets, you’re just staring in front of the car. You’re thinking about whatever it is that made you mad in the first place. You’re already distracted.

Even if you don’t take risks or fly into a fit of road rage when some little thing sparks it, you may still be more likely to crash. Driving is more complicated than people realize, and you need to be fully engaged with the act of driving — and nothing else.

Now that you know the danger, you may avoid the car when you’re feeling angry, but that doesn’t mean everyone else will. If you’re hit by a distracted, emotional driver, be sure you know if you have a right to financial compensation.

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