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What is the most dangerous driving distraction?

When just considering distractions behind the wheel, you may think cellphones are the most dangerous. Texting and driving has become something of an epidemic.

This isn’t to take away from the danger, as it is a real problem on roads all across California, but at least one study found that it wasn’t the biggest issue. That study identified “reaching for a moving object” as the single most dangerous distraction that drivers face. The study claimed the risk of an accident was nine times as high when drivers were looking away and trying to grab something while behind the wheel.

That doesn’t mean cellphones are completely out of the picture, either. If someone drops a cellphone on the floor or into the space between the seat and the door, for instance, reaching to get it could fall into this category. It’s so dangerous because drivers are looking away from the road and neglecting to hold the wheel with both hands at the same time.

Wondering how reaching for objects stacked up against other distractions? Talking on the phone while driving raised the risk a bit more than one time, which may not sound like much but still means the risk was doubled. Dialing while driving increased it by three times.

Experts note that it can be problematic to be so focused on texting and driving that people forget there are other very significant distractions that also need to be avoided.

No matter why a driver was distracted, if he or she caused an accident and you were injured, you could be looking at lost wages, high medical bills and many other costs. Be sure you know if you have a right to compensation.

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