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Stay focused on justice when distracted driving causes you injury

How many times have you seen someone looking down at a cell phone while driving a motor vehicle on a busy California roadway? It can be completely unsettling to notice a distracted driver in your own rear-view mirror, coming up full speed behind you as traffic in front of you is slowing. No matter how skilled, experienced and safe a driver you are, there’s little you can do about another motorist’s poor choices behind the wheel.

What you can do, however, is make sure you’re well aware of all traffic and safety regulations in this and any other state you plan to travel through, as well as knowing where to turn for support if a distracted driver slams into the back of your car and you are injured.

Cell phones aren’t the only problems

While many drivers express frustration at others who use hand-held cell phones while they drive, the following list contains other top causes of distracted driving that place you and everyone nearby at risk for collision:

  • Grooming: Driving down a busy California freeway is not exactly the best time to brush hair, pluck eyebrows or trim beards, yet many distracted drivers exhibit these behaviors.
  • Mirror gazing: In addition to applying cosmetics or performing other hygienic tasks, far too many motorists spend too much time looking at themselves in their rear-view mirrors instead of using their mirrors to check rear traffic patterns or conduct safe lane-changingg maneuvers.
  • Eating and drinking: It’s so much safer to pull off the road if a hunger or thirst attack hits you while you’re driving.
  • Smoking: The U.S. Surgeon General has already issued warnings about this habit, but some people fail to recognize how dangerous it is to light cigarettes, empty ashtrays or do other things associated with smoking while operating motor vehicles.

The sound of screeching brakes and crashing metal may ring in your memory for years should a distracted driver suddenly slam into the back of your car. These types of collisions often result in severe neck and back injuries, which can devastate a victim’s personal and professional life in many ways. Some people suffer permanent disabilities after speeding or distracted drivers crash into their vehicles from behind.

It’s crucial to obtain medical assistance as soon as possible if you’re injured in a rear-end collision. If you also want to discuss filing a personal injury claim against the party or parties deemed responsible for your injuries, you can begin the process by requesting a meeting with an experienced attorney in your area.