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Vehicle-related reasons for car accidents

It is true that vehicles themselves only cause about 2 percent of car accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Even so, with the sheer amount of car accidents that happen every year, the overall numbers are significant. So, what are some of the main ways that vehicles cause these wrecks?

The main one is through tire/wheel issues. The NHTSA reports that these account for about 35 percent of the cases. For instance, a driver’s tire could blow out unexpectedly at 70 mph on the highway, sending the car careening into the other lanes, where it collides with a second vehicle.

Around 22 percent of these accidents were caused by brakes and related issues. The brakes could give out entirely, fail to engage or not stop the car fast enough. Even drivers who keep a safe following distance could be caught up in an accident.

Third were issues with steering, the suspension, the transmission or the engine. While these things can cause accidents, they only came in with about 3 percent. The reason here could be that many such issues will prevent a car from starting in the first place.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the highest percentage went to “other”, with 40 percent. This just goes to show that many different issues can happen and it’s very hard for drivers to predict what will take place, which is why these issues may happen unexpectedly and cause accidents.

Have you been hurt in one of these accidents? Whether the other driver, the manufacturer or someone else entirely was at fault, you may want to look into your rights to compensation.

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