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Drunk woman accused of causing a crash that injured five

A 27-year old woman in California was allegedly drunk while she was driving down Highway 137, going west. She was behind the wheel of a 2007 Acura.

Coming the other direction was a family of four from Arizona, with a 25-year-old woman in the driver’s seat. One of the passengers in her 2002 Kia was an infant.

The 27-year-old veered into the wrong lane, according to the California Highway Patrol, because she was too intoxicated to stay in her own lane. She hit the other car in a head-on collision. Everyone involved was injured, and the wreck, which happened right around 9:30 at night, was so bad that the drivers were stuck in their vehicles.

To add to the chaos, the family’s vehicle flew off the road, flipped over, and caught on fire — all with the driver pinned inside. Fortunately, other driver who had seen the crash stopped and rushed over, putting the fire out before it could spread.

Emergency crews then showed up, and they quickly rushed the infant and another toddler who was in the car over to the Valley Children’s Hospital. The woman driving the Kia had major injuries and was transported to Fresno’s Regional Medical Center, while another adult male in that car was brought to Kaweah Delta Medical Center.

Officers are planning to arrest and book the woman they say caused the crash, though she was also brought to Kaweah Delta with major injuries, so it hasn’t happened yet.

As this case shows, an entire family’s life can be changed in seconds by a drunk driver, and victims must know what rights they have to financial compensation.

Source: Visalia Times Delta, “CHP: Drunken Exeter woman caused collision,” Sheyanne Romero, April 03, 2017