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What is distracted driving? What to do if you are a victim?

Car accidents are becoming more and more common every year. You may have concerns about your safety when out on the road, and wonder what precautions you might take to avoid being involved in a collision. You may consider yourself to be a safe driver, having awareness of surrounding vehicles at all times. Unfortunately in some scenarios, this may not be enough.

You may find it difficult, if not impossible, to react quickly enough to avoid the actions of a distracted driver. Sadly, this type of driving has become prevalent among many motorists, and accident reports of this nature continue to increase daily. One moment of inattention can lead to a catastrophic collision, causing you to sustain serious injuries as a result. So how do you know if your accident was caused by a distracted driver?

What actions constitute distracted driving?

Any actions that take a driver’s concentration off the road may fall under this category. If a driver averts his or her attention for just a matter of seconds, the potential for a collision to occur increases tremendously. There are a myriad of state laws across the U.S. that govern distracted driving, and these laws can vary from general in nature to the outlawing of specific distractions. Some of the most common of these distractions include the following:

  • Cell phone usage: Certain states do not allow the usage of a cellular phone without the aid of a hands-free device, while others disallow it entirely.
  • Texting: Reading or replying to a text message inevitably causes you to avert your eyes from the road, even if only for a moment, thus many states have made texting while driving illegal.
  • Reading or writing: If you are reading or writing while driving, there is a similar lack of concentration compared to texting while driving, and this can be equally as dangerous.
  • Interaction with passengers or pets: Anytime you interact with another party in the vehicle, you divert a portion of your concentration towards that party and off the road.
  • Personal grooming: Actions such as shaving or applying makeup while driving naturally can impair one’s ability to drive safely and make him or her a threat to anyone else sharing the same road.

Where do you turn for assistance?

So you believe you were a victim in an accident caused by a distracted driver that left you with significant injuries. These injuries are now causing you to face substantial rehabilitation costs, and you are missing time from work due to your predicament. You may wish to retain the services of an experienced attorney for assistance in the process of proving negligence. If the other driver is deemed to be at fault, a personal injury attorney in California can also assist you in obtaining much-needed financial restitution through a personal injury claim.