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Can you put stickers on your car window?

Bumper stickers give you a way to express yourself and give your car some individuality, but maybe you’re worried about the paint. Can you just slap a sticker on your car’s window, where it’s easier to get off later?

There are regulations governing this, since stickers can impede a driver’s vision. This could theoretically lead to an accident by giving the car blind spots that it was intentionally designed to eliminate.

In California, the biggest sticker that you can have is one that is 7 inches square. If you do go with this size, it has to be in the lower corner of the window and it needs to be as far as possible from the vehicle’s driver. If you want the sticker to be in the lower corner close to the driver, then you can only have one that is 5 inches in size.

So, how does California stack up against other states? Not all are as specific in their restrictions. For example, Alaska, Arizona, Michigan and Iowa — among others — just say that the sticker can’t obstruct the driver’s vision. They don’t give further instructions, but leaving this up to interpretation means that it could come up in court. If the driver was involved in an accident, for example, the other driver may argue that his or her vision was obstructed at the time, making the sticker illegal.

Since California is more specific, if you’re involved in an accident, a non-regulation sticker may bring about a citation that could potentially be linked to fault. You need to know your legal options when that fault lies with the other driver. You may be able to seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and the like.

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