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The dangers of not letting a concussion heal

A concussion happens when your brain is injured due to an impact with the inside of your skull. For instance, if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you could suffer a concussion when your head bounces off the pavement. Your brain simply can’t decelerate as fast as your head rebounds. This could happen even if you have a helmet on and it protects you, so there’s no visible injury on the outside.

After that, if the concussion has not yet healed and you hit your head again, there’s a chance you could develop second-impact syndrome. This is very dangerous and can even be fatal. It’s often observed in athletic injuries — if a quarterback takes a hit to the head and doesn’t come out of the game, for example — but can happen with any type of head injury. Medical experts note that time is the best treatment for a concussion, helping the brain recover.

One of the biggest problems with concussions, though, is that they don’t always show up right away. In some cases, it’s clear you’re concussed and you may even be out cold. In other cases, though, you could get up off the pavement, feeling fine and amazed that you weren’t hurt. The concussion’s symptoms might not show up for a few hours, until the next day, or even for multiple days.

This massively increases the chances of second-impact syndrome since you may not give your brain the time it needs to heal if you don’t immediately know you’ve been hurt.

For any injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident, you need to look into your rights to potential compensation. This is especially true with head injuries that have lasting effects.

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