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PT Cruiser flips, trapping injured passenger

A Nissan Altima and a PT Cruiser recently crashed in Visalia. The wreck happened close to Mineral King and Demaree. Police reported that they did not believe alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Even so, it led to multiple injuries. The police responded to find the PT Cruiser flipped up on its roof. At least one person was stuck inside and emergency response teams had to work to extract the passenger. They later reported that minor to moderate injuries were suffered by people in both the Altima and the Cruiser, and the crews transported them to an area hospital for treatment.

Pictures from the scene show police cars blocking the roads as the emergency teams work. These pictures show that it was dark at the time, though news reports did not indicate whether or not reduced visibility played a role.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rollover accidents are among the most dangerous in the United States, taking over 10,000 lives annually. That’s roughly a third of all car accident fatalities. However, the NHTSA also notes that seat belt use is very important, as passengers are 75 less likely to pass away with their belts on.

Considering the high level of danger, those trapped in the PT Cruiser were certainly fortunate to walk away with only injuries. Still, injuries can rack up high medical costs, they can keep people out of work — leading to lost wages — and they can be terrifically expensive. Those hurt in accidents, though happy things weren’t more serious, still want to look into their rights to compensation when someone else caused the wreck.

Source: ABC, “Car overturns in Visalia injury crash,” Jan. 04, 2017