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Your music choices could cause a car accident

Almost everyone listens to music in the car. Maybe you turn on the radio, maybe you plug in a flash drive, or maybe you use Bluetooth to connect your phone or iPod. No matter what tactic you use, your goal is get the music that you love into the car.

That could be a serious problem, according to some researchers. They note that music can be very distracting, and it causes drivers to make mistakes. Not only are they distracted, listening to the song and not the traffic around them, but they may engage in unsafe activities — like taking their hands off of the wheel to tap along to the beat.

Some researchers say that the type of music you pick isn’t even a huge issue. It could be punk rock, pop, metal, or many other genres. What really matters is whether or not you connect with the music on an emotional level. That’s what draws you into the song, distracting you from driving.

The type of emotional connection may not even be that critical. Some songs make you feel nostalgic for the good old days. Some get you pumped up on the way to the gym. Some make you incredibly happy for the weekend, while others make you sad. All of these things are an issue, because they all change your mood and mean you may pay more attention to the song than the road.

Drivers are sometimes distracted by music without realizing how bad it’s gotten — until they cause an accident. If you’re injured in such a wreck, you may want to seek compensation for your losses, from medical bills to lost wages to mental anguish.

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