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Report: California drivers are second worst in nation

While anyone who uses any of the roads and highways here in California on a regular basis would be hard-pressed to argue that our state has the best drivers in the nation, chances are good they wouldn’t argue that we have the worst drivers in the nation either. Indeed, most Californians would likely bestow this dubious distinction on East Coast motorists.

According to a recently released report from the insurance comparison site QuoteWizard, these assumptions would be entirely incorrect, as East Coast drivers not only outperformed West Coast drivers significantly, but California itself ranked among the states with some of the worst drivers.

After examining everything from Federal Highway Administration data and user reports to state fatality numbers and traffic tickets issued, the researchers ranked California drivers as being the second worst in the nation.

Some of the more interesting aspects of the study included:

  • California ranked number two for DUIs, number five for traffic tickets, number seven for accidents and number nine for speeding
  • The three California cities with the worst drivers were Oakland, Sacramento and Anaheim, respectively   

As to why the Golden State fared so poorly, the researchers pointed the finger squarely at the economy.

Specifically, they argue that the state’s continually strong post-recession recovery has meant more people are driving to work, and with a greater number of vehicles comes an increased accident risk. Indeed, it was reported that in Sacramento alone, the miles traveled per person jumped by 27 percent from 2009 to 2014.

As to which state came in as having the worst drivers, that honor went to Utah. On the other end of the spectrum, Rhode Island was found to have the best drivers.

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