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Other drivers are the main cause of motorcycle accidents

According to experts, there may be little that motorcycle riders can do to prevent accidents. That’s because, while things like mechanical failure cause just 3 percent of accidents and road conditions cause only 2 percent, the main cause of high-speed accidents is simple: other drivers.

The top way that these accidents take place is that drivers cut in front of motorcycles when turning left. For instance, a car may be heading north on the same road as a motorcycle that is heading south. To turn left, the car has to cross the motorcycle’s travel lane. If the driver doesn’t see the bike and turning into its path, the results can be deadly.

Thought this is the most common type of car/motorcycle collision, drivers often make other mistakes that lead to crashes. They don’t see the motorcycles and cut them off. They merge into motorcycles that are in their blind spots, in part because the motorcycles are so small. They hit bikes because they’re distracted and not paying attention to the road.

These accidents may not be that harmful to someone in a pickup truck or a full-sized sedan. They’re protected by a metal cage, airbags, seat belts, and more. For someone on a motorcycle, though, an accident like this can be deadly. Even when riders live through the crash, they may be permanently disabled or at least injured seriously enough that they have to spend a lot of time in the hospital.

All of this is incredibly costly and life-changingg. That’s why riders who are hit need to know their rights to financial compensation. Even if you can’t avoid the wreck, you may at least get money to cover your expenses and other damages.

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