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Left turns can easily cause traffic jams and accidents for semis

In the city, left turns are tough for semis. If drivers aren’t very careful to adhere to the rules of the road — and sometimes even when they do — accidents can happen when trucks make these turns.

One truck driver explained how this could happen, saying she got into the left turn lane and was waiting for the light when a smaller car pulled up in the left turn lane on the cross street — the street she was trying to turn onto. That driver had a red light and did stop, but she did not stop behind the white line marking the end of the lane. She was in front of it, waiting for the light to change and anticipating the turn.

The problem is that semi trucks make very wide turns. They have to swing all the way out into the intersection to keep the trailer far enough away from buildings on the corner. Since they’re hinged in the middle, the back end doesn’t perfectly follow the front, like it would in a passenger car.

With the other vehicle parked so far out in the intersection, there was no way for the semi driver to get wide enough to make the turn. She got stuck and the smaller car, along with those that had stopped behind it, had to back up and get out of the way.

If semi drivers aren’t careful, this type of traffic jam can easily lead to an accident as the leading corner of the trailer slams into the front end of the car. On tight corners, this can even happen when other drivers are behind the white line, where they’re supposed to be. This type of crash can cause serious injuries because of the height and weight difference between the vehicles.

Have you been hurt by a careless semi driver who didn’t stop when there clearly wasn’t room to make the turn? If so, you may have a right to compensation to help cover your medical bills and other expenses.

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