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DUI Hit-and-Run Auto Crash in Porterville, at Main Street and Grand Avenue

November 12, 2016- A DUI automobile collision occurred in Porterville, on Saturday.  The Tulare County hit-and-run crash happened at Main Street and North Grand Avenue, at around 2:46 PM.

Tulia Camacho, 57, was northbound on Main Street.  At the intersection of North Grand Avenue, the car made a westbound turn without stopping for oncoming vehicles.


Camacho collided with a vehicle that had been traveling south on Main St.  The suspected drunk driver then continued west on Grand Avenue, away from the scene.  She was soon apprehended near Highway 65.

Camacho was arrest for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

No injuries have been reported.

This incident requires further investigation. Please call Attorney John Rozier, so he can help with your injury claims. Reach the firm online, or by phone at 559-713-0159. Our office is located in Visalia, west of Porterville.