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Dog bites took 34 lives last year

Most dog bites are minor, but they absolutely can be fatal. It’s important for people both to understand that this is a danger and to know what legal options they have when a loved one is seriously hurt or killed by a dog.

In the most recent stats that have been gathered, it was reported that 34 individuals were killed by dog bites in 2015. Pit bulls were the aggressive dogs in 28 of those 34 cases, meaning they were responsible for about 82 percent of the deadly attacks.

Rottweilers were also highly represented, with three deadly attacks. That means that rottweilers and pit bulls together accounted for 91 percent of the fatalities.

To see if this was a trend, researchers then looked back at all deadly attacks from 2005 to 2015, and they found that these two breeds alone were tied to a full 76 percent of them. In that time, 232 people in the United States were killed by pit bulls. For those thinking this isn’t much of a real threat, that means someone lost his or her life on average every 17 days.

In the same time frame — the 11 years noted above — 41 people died in rottweiler attacks. This means that a person was killed by a rottweiler every 98 days.

As you can see, these two breeds represent a high level of danger compared to all other breeds. If a loved one has been killed by a pit bull or a rottweiler, you may be able to take legal action, including seeking financial compensation.

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