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Car strikes pedestrian at freeway onramp

There was a fatal pedestrian accident in San Diego recently. A man was in the path of a motor vehicle when the wreck occurred. The man was struck and he did not survive the accident. He was on the onramp to Interstate 5 when the fatal crash occurred, but it is not clear why the man was on the onramp in the first place.

While the bizarre circumstances of this crash certainly aren’t an example of most other pedestrian accidents, this does serve to highlight a crucial element of pedestrian accidents: they are deadly and dangerous.

Pedestrian accidents have very high incidents of serious or fatal injuries to the victims. This should be obvious, but the reason for this is because pedestrians have almost no safety equipment and they rely entirely on the responsibility and the safe driving habits of drivers. If drivers don’t respect the crosswalk or they are driving erratically, then pedestrians will be at risk on the road.

But this is also a good opportunity to remind everyone out there to be safe when you are crossing the street. We are all pedestrians, and if we don’t walk in the crosswalk, then we put ourselves and others at risk. In fact, you should always walk in the crosswalk because it is your legally protected zone. Being struck in a crosswalk is a clear indicator that the driver who caused the accident was in the wrong.

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