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Why slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries

Slip and fall accidents happen all the time. That may seem like a silly proclamation to make, and you may even envision that a slip and fall accident isn’t that big of a deal. Besides, you’ve fallen off your bike or tripped while walking down the street — and in those cases, you may say, all you walked away with were a few scratches and a bruise.

However, slip and fall cases are much different and they can leave people with very serious injuries. See, when you trip while walking down the street or fall from a bike, you at least have a little bit of time to  brace yourself for the fall. That’s how you escape with only a few cuts and bruises. With slip and falls, the incident happens so fast and so unexpectedly that there is rarely time to brace or protect yourself.

Foreign liquids on the ground; dilapidated staircases; poor lighting that makes it difficult to see; and generally unsafe conditions can contribute to someone slipping and falling in brutal fashion. These conditions often occur at times and in places where you don’t expect to fall. For example, say a refrigeration unit at your local supermarket starts leaking liquid on to the ground, and you don’t see it. Well, you’re not expecting to slip and fall while shopping. You expect safe conditions at your local shop.

Conditions that lead to a slip and fall accident often occur because of negligence, and the people in charge should be held responsible when their premises are left in an unsafe condition and a person suffers injuries as a result of it.